Gland Seals :
Our Gland Seals are also referred as Contact Seals and Contact free grooved split Seals. Contact Seals are generally multi segmented seal rings used for rotating shafts or linear motion pistons. The sealing effect is obtained with springs that press the carbon segments to the sealed surface. Contact Seals continuously rub against a counter face materials and hence are subject to mechanical wear and tear. Grooved Seals are designed as single part or multi-segment rings, which need a precisely defined clearance to the sealed shaft.

Packings :
The number of segments is dependent on the diameter of the shaft. There is no limit to the number of segments. Turbine Seals provide water as a lubrication is medium and is subject to very low wear rates at very high rubbing speeds. The use of multiple stacked packings creates a labyrinth effect, which result in additional sealing functionality. Frequently, the initial run-in wear removes most of the mechanical play between the segment contacts. In these cases, packings assist to retain the characteristics of a contact free grooved seal with minimal loss of sealing effect. Typical applications are multi-segmented packings to seal shafts on ventilators, ship-propellors and water turbines.

Piston Rod Seals :
Our Piston Rod Seals are used to seal the linear movement of the Piston Rods. Segment rings are used in pairs to achieve additional axial sealing. The segments have overlapping shoulders and pins or springs are used to secure the rings in proper position. The shaft’s surface roughness should be Rt more than 1 y.m. The carbon we used to fabricate these rods possess the capability to supply springs and pins based on customer’s requirements along with the seals.

Labyrinth Seals :
Our Labyrinth Seals are made of carbon and self lubricating materials hence have an additional advantage over metals during short contact period during startup difference in the co-efficients of thermal expansion do not cause damage. As a result, the labyrinth gaps can be similar in size on a Carbon Graphite Seal as compared to a Metal Seal. However, taking into consideration the performance requirements, a carbon Grapite Seal can be shorter as compared to a metal seal.

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