Steam Joints functions as sealing components between steam pipe and a rotation assembly such as cylinder, shaft and roller. This joint seals water, steam and oils, besides neutralising swing, pendular and tumbling motion. This functionality is normally achieved with a concave or convex seal ring surface, which is pressed against the sealing surface with a spring. Certain configurations also have a cylindrical wearing surface. Steam Joints are exposed to all known lubrication conditions which comprise wet, mixed and dry running.

Motion Control Rings and Segments
Our Motion Control Rings and Segments regulate automated production process in various applications, comprising cigarette production equipment and packaging machines. We use Graphite, which eliminates oil based lubrication. This serves as an additional advantage to the intermittent swiveling motion that usually precludes the use of a hydrodynamic lubrication system.

Typical applications :
• Carbon Graphite-Resin Impregnated for Medium pressure : 8-14 kg/cm2
• Carbon Graphite – Metal Impregnated for high pressure/high temperature
• Temperature up to 350 ⁰C and pressure 14kg/cm2 – 40 kg/cm2

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